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Become a Spot2Nite Advocate

Earn on the road as a Spot2Nite Advocate.

If you love the RV lifestyle and feel passionate about Spot2Nite’s value for both campground operators and RV travelers, help us engage and onboard new properties as you travel.

As a Spot2Nite Advocate, you’ll serve as our boots on the ground in-person engagement representative, meeting with campground operators and other RV travelers to spread the word about Spot2Nite’s suite of FREE digital products and marketing services. We’re looking for enthusiastic Full-Time RVers or RV Road Warriors with at least 2 years of camping experience, great written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to capture and upload photo and video content. Training and resources will be provided.

Spot2Nite Advocates can earn up to $100 per connected property in commission, plus royalties for every year the property remains active on Spot2Nite.

*Commissions are based on the number of rentable sites per property. Other terms and conditions apply.

Inquire about becoming an Advocate